Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Design Classic: Tolix A Chair

Hello, and thanks for reading! As this is the first post on this blog, I thought it only fitting to start by writing about something that will stand the test of time.
Image: Tolix

Regardez the Model A chair by Tolix. Designed in 1934 by Xavier Pauchard, this chair really is an icon of industrial design.
The Tolix A Chair was originally manufactured for offices, factories, hospitals, parks and, of course, bistros. This chair is synonymous with French café culture and, in fact, for many years breweries would supply them to bars and brasseries in exchange for selling their beer.  
Image: Tolix
Now the chair comes in a great range of shapes, colours and finishes. I think I’d go for the classic galvanised metal version, and place them around the dining table with patterned seat pads in different colours. They work in pretty much any style of room (or garden) and are stackable and rust-proof too.
Image: Cucumbersome

Even Anna Wintour chooses to put her chic derrière on one.
Image: Style Chronicle
Image: Style Chronicle

You can buy them from all sorts of places, including Pedlars, The French House and Graham & Green.


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