Thursday, 30 June 2011

Where I keep my other blog!

I'm very excited to tell you that I am now a member of the Natural History blogging team! The blog is over at and there's a bunch of us who blog about different topics. My subject is design history, looking at various styles and techniques, and you can read my posts on Monday mornings at 10. 

I was already a big fan of Natural History (the actual shop is in Oxford and the website is called Origin of Style) so it's an honour to be part of it. It's a treasure trove of unique pieces and unusual, beautiful homewares. The founder, Sarah, says she spent a lot of her youth in the Museum of Natural History in Dublin, so much of the shop's collection is inspired by such things as birds, entomology and Victorian taxidermy!

Here are my top seven wonderful things to be found at Natural History (it was going to be my top five but I couldn't narrow it down!)

Hummingbird prints (set of six, unframed), £25
Hummingbird cushions, £70

I would love to swan about my house wearing this fabulous silk robe. Possibly while pretending to be Margot from The Good Life and drinking a martini. 

Coral printed silk robe, £120

Beetle tea towel, £12

This luxurious blanket would make a brilliant gift for anyone. 

Bright cosy lambswool blanket, £60

Fretwork lanterns: small £12.95; medium £18.95

Dove bottle stopper. £5.95



  1. We have one of those robes left in my size and I am PRAYING it doesn't sell so that I can steal it for myself! I am generally VERY VERY good about not stealing from the shop, but that robe has really tested my virtue...

    I am thrilled to have you on our team of bloggers at Natural History. :)

  2. Thanks Sarah, I'm delighted to be on board!


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